Are you our Delivery Manager?

Gone are the days of reading DIY manuals to fix the leaking tap, tile the bathroom or understand why wifi doesn’t work in the back bedroom. Our work/life balance is continually strained and no-one has time for home maintenance.

Life’s too short!

Our time starved generation expect their heating, plumbing, electric and technology to just work. They need a service they can rely on and someone they can turn to when it doesn’t.

The real rub is that things are only set to become more complex as technology percolates further into our lives and increasingly connected homes. We believe that the companies who’ll win will be those that marry elegant tech with effortless service.

Our aim is to be the service layer for your home.

Let’s be clear, this is a hugely ambitious project and only suitable for those brave enough and with the earned confidence to take on the challenge of creating a service which will become indispensable in people’s lives.

We have a fantastic opportunity to transform a market and make a positive change in people’s lives, but…

We need your help…

In order for us to have a chance of success we need to operate with a metronomic rhythm of crafting the best possible product we can and shipping. Never missing a date. We can only do this if we get organised and therefore we need someone to look after delivery.

We’d like your help to act as our Delivery Manager. You will be working alongside our world-class UX, design and development teams and will be the glue that brings the Build Team together. This a very product centric role and as we are a small tight team you will have bags of opportunity to shape requirements and influence what gets built and why. At the outset you will own the product roadmap and backlog as well as the project plan.

We think you’ll want to work with us because…

The challenge of owning the delivery from day one and creating, from scratch, a consumer product built for global scale, and designed to change people’s lives is ever so slightly overwhelming and yet exactly what you’ve been looking for next.

You’ll be joining an exceptionally talented group of experienced professionals. Our senior execs have a fantastic track record of success leading some of the world’s largest, most innovative and high-growth businesses.

We are extremely well funded with financial backing from the global leader in the home services sector.

We are creating something designed to make life easier and by joining us at the start of this journey you’ll have huge levels of input into what we create and will be absolutely instrumental in making this happen.

We are based in Kings Cross, London and do everything we can to make our office environment a place that’s enjoyable to hang out in.

And, as you would expect, we can offer a fabulous package commensurate with the role.

We already know a lot about you, we just need to be introduced….

You’re a craftsman and master of your trade with extensive experience managing high-profile projects in dynamic high-growth environments. Put simply, you care and will go to great lengths to make sure that if it’s your project, if you worked on it then it’s got your name on it, and therefore it’s done right. This will be self-evident from the work that you are proud to have in your portfolio.

Your experience of omni-present products which span web and mobile is extensive and you are comfortable advising on best practise in a multitude of scenarios.

You work best when partnered with a focused, motivated build team and know how the get the best out of them, acting as the fulcrum for project delivery. You recognise that being responsible for delivery it’s your neck on the line if we miss a date. You’ve been there before so your proactive, clear communication ensures there are no surprises.

Whilst you wouldn’t describe yourself as a techie you have sufficient technical understanding to call bullshit when you hear it and have the persuasiveness to encourage your team to think differently.

You are comfortable operating in a high-growth environment and relish the opportunity to work within an outstanding development team and create something special.

You will stand out because…

You understand the difference between an average product and a great product and are passionate about creating exceptional experiences. Your tenacity drives you to never stop until things are ‘just so’ and you harness that drive to motivate the rest of the build team you work with.

Transparency. Timeliness. Trust. These are the key tenets that underpin the thinking behind our approach — think of them as our not so secret weapon we plan on using to transform this market.

Drop us a line at and help us understand why we can’t possibly do this without you. We’ll get back to everyone within 24 hours.