Are you our Social Media & Community Manager?

Gone are the days of reading DIY manuals to fix the leaking tap, tile the bathroom or understand why wifi doesn’t work in the back bedroom. Our work/life balance is continually strained and no-one has time for home maintenance.

Living should be easy!

Our time starved generation expect their heating, plumbing, electric and technology at home to just work. They need a service they can rely on and someone they can turn to when it doesn’t.

The real rub is that things are only set to become more complex as technology percolates further into our lives and increasingly connected homes. We believe that the companies who’ll win will be those that marry elegant tech with effortless service.

Our aim is to be the service layer for your home.

Let’s be clear, this is a hugely ambitious project and only suitable for those brave enough and with the earned confidence to take on the challenge of creating a service which will become indispensable in people’s lives.

Transparency. Timeliness. Trust. These are the key tenets that underpin the thinking behind our approach — think of them as our not so secret weapon we plan on using to shake things up.

We have a fantastic opportunity to transform a market and make a positive change in people’s lives, but…

We need your help…

We believe our growth will come primarily from word-of-mouth referrals and that both our engineers and consumers will be unable to resist sharing the benefits of our service. To fuel this, our intention is to develop a connected community and place social media at the heart of our marketing.

We are looking for a fantastic Social Community Manager to join our early-stage marketing team and look after all aspects of our social media and community activity.

You will have the creative freedom to inject delight into what will become a utility product. A chance to make users smile. We believe what matters most to our customers isn’t always what they have to DO to get their issue resolved, but rather how they FEEL during the process. You will be the brand’s voice!

You will maintain a broad focus, which will include boosting our awareness with brand strangers, deepening relationships with customers and cultivating conversations with key influencers. You will also be our front-line for reputation management — monitoring discussions, comments, mentions and responding in a helpful, timely fashion.

You will be responsible for defining our social strategy, setting appropriate KPIs and the ongoing analysis to deliver insights which help us refine and improve our approach. Overtime, you will be responsible for developing the Community Playbook — our how-to guide we will use to scale the team

We think you’ll want to work with us because…

This is a great opportunity to build and nurture an engaged community for a product that’s built for a global audience and designed specifically to make people’s lives easier. Your work will ensure people will want to keep in touch with us and want to tell their friends and the world about us!

By joining us at the start of this journey you’ll have huge levels of input into what we create and will be absolutely instrumental in making this happen.

We believe our job is to create an experience that’s more than connecting homeowners with engineers, it’s about making people feel better. Your goal will be to outcare any of our competition!

Our senior execs have a fantastic track record of success leading some of the world’s largest, most innovative and high-growth businesses. We are extremely well funded with financial backing from the global leader in the home services sector.

We are based in Kings Cross, London and do everything we can to make our office environment a place that’s enjoyable to hang out in. And, as you would expect, we can offer a fabulous package commensurate with the role. which includes the opportunity to give yourself any preferred job title.

You will stand out because…

  • You will have unmatched verve and be willing to go the extra-mile to deliver world-class customer engagement.
  • You will be the content and context king or queen! You will have a talent for not just recognising what to say but when and how to say it best! You’re an expert at content creation and curation — including social posts, newsletters, blogs and other digital content — you consider yourself a wordsmith, but you also know when is best to ‘borrow’ other people’s good ideas!
  • You believe social media is now the most important and exciting opportunity for businesses today and we expect you to be obsessed with social and digital trends

We recognise that is a high bar but we know you wouldn’t want to work on something that wasn’t a challenge!

So if this sounds like you…

Get in touch using any format you feel will help us understand why we can’t possibly do this without you. Extra points awarded for creativity!

Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.