Christmas party hangover cure

Christmas is coming and your wallet is getting fat.

Fat that is with all those receipts! Proofs of purchase for all the client lunches, drinks after work, end of year reviews and team celebrations that you’ve been a part of.

Whilst that might be great for team spirit, the same can’t be said for your waistline and it almost certainly brings on a hangover. I’m referring of course to the hangover of expense claims.

Before you head off for the festive season, you need to get your expenses handed in and that, quite frankly, can be painful.

If you think for a moment that we now live in a world where:

  • my children can check their maths homework by asking Siri
  • my globally dispersed team can work simultaneously on presentations, collaborating in real time
  • and, I can play any cheesy Christmas song I like on any device in seconds

Yet there are still lots of people in numerous organisations and industries who are stuck sorting out their expenses by faffing around with paper, spreadsheets, receipts and long email chains. It’s inefficient, time consuming and a distraction you’d rather not deal with.

Spare a thought for your financial controller/boss/office manager/CFO who faces the deluge of expenses claims from across your business — a genuine nightmare before Christmas.

We’re talking late nights and Sunday afternoons; I know, I’ve been there.

In fact, 55% of smaller business owners told a Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) survey in 2016 that their company’s growth is being held back by the amount of time they have to dedicate to business admin. I doubt that figure looks much better today…

Innovations such as Siri, Google Suite and Spotify have embedded themselves into our day-to-day life because they are more convenient, more efficient & more accessible. They spawn from people applying their ingenuity to find better ways to solve problems.

At Equals we have done just that — applying our ingenuity to the business of business expenses. We’ve combined a Mastercard, a personalised mobile app and an online portal to create a spend management service that we like to call Equals Spend.

It removes the hassle, paperwork and time involved with managing expenses. The card allows for spending all over the world. You top up the card balance on the go via the app and your financial controller back at base has real-time visibility over what’s being spent and where. And best of all — we don’t even charge you for using the platform. It’s completely free.

Hassle removed, time & money saved + a slimmer wallet. A genuine pain killer!

Find out how Equals Spend can help you with your business expenses hangover.

(We are still working on the other kind of hangover cure.)